The Fusion Network - Business Support Tools

Business Building Tools & Support Materials

 How to Join for North America , Australia and Western Europe
 The First 30 Days
 The SR® Infinity Compensation Plan:
-Infinity Compensation Plan Brochure
-Infinity Compensation Plan Transition Chart
-Infinity Compensation Plan Getting Started Guide
-Infinity Compensation Plan Pitch Book Presentation
 Sunrider® Member Price List for USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Hungary, Holland and Germany
 Sunrider® IBO Price List for USA and Canada
 How to Shop On-line at Sunrider® / USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe
 Green Solutions Flyer
 What If - The Power of 5 Strategy
 4 Steps to Overcoming Objections
 "FORM" Method of Conversation
 When & How To Say It
 Health On A Budget
 Make An Invitation List
 One Word that can Change Your Reality
 Questions Are The Answers
 Membership Lead List
 Suggested Classified Ads
 Weekly Activity Report
 The Perfect Storm
 Time To Earn A Million
 Write Your Goals

Note: North America denotes USA & Canada combined.

Busiess Traininng Presentations

 Notes from the 2016 Convention IBO Learning Sessions
 SunFit Program IBO Training Manual
 Goal Setting For Success with Mack Atkinson and Rita Randle
 Social Media Party Guide
 Social Media Party Guide
 The Network Marketing Industry: Primed for Action
 Why Choose Sunrider, Achieve Your Dreams
 The Sunrider Product Difference
 6 Ways to Get Results / Proven ways to introduce Sunrider in every day situations!
 Would you Join a Multi-level Marketing Company for Retirement Income?
 The Sunrider Mission
 Connectivity and how to connect with new prospects!
 Tips and tricks to navigating Sunriderís new and improved shopping I-Store website
 How to change your password and Log into the new Sunrider I-Store
 How to use Sunriders online Business Center
 Fusion Network® Presentation
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Fast Track to $1000/month or more Income from Sunrider

 90-day Game Plan
 Power Point Presentation
 Presentation Document
 Prospect List
 Switch the Brands CheckList